Flat File Interface: Setting association with javaaction ExecuteInterface_Delimited_4_1_00

Hello all! I have upgraded the Flat File Interface module to v7.1.0 and I noticed that the ExecuteInterface_Delimited_4_1_00 Java action has changed. The Association Name parameter is no longer available, resulting in new objects that are being created without being associated to my original file. I use this association further on in the app to retrieve the new objects, but now I get an empty list. How can I know what objects have been created by the Java action? I do get a result string (b795d483-f9a7-4916-a49a-6c617d3c0f3d). Thanks! Regards, Martin    
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Best way is to file an issue on github to add the association: https://github.com/Erwin-t-Hoen/Flat-File-Importer

In the past i have retrieved the created objects by means of ‘createddate’  or by adding a new temporary object. With the last one you delete the temporary objects when your process is done, that way you can retrieve the complete list every time.

Both are not pretty options though.