Java Action - Difference in Local and Server version.

Hi All , I’m new to java action and I’m not sure if I’m missing anything. I have created a little app which calculates SLA using Java Action based on the entered value from UI.  I get a proper result when I run it locally but when I deploy to the server using ‘Run’, it does not give me the same result as local version does. Steps followed : Created Java Action and deployed to eclipse. Imported the project and made changes in the code.  Compiled the code by using both ‘Run locally’ and ‘Run’. I get a proper result on the local version but not the server version. Troubleshooting : I tried cleaning the deployment directory and re-deployed to eclipse. Created a module package and tried importing to a new project but the same result.   Thanks , Vishal
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Hello Vishal,

You might be seeing a difference between machine locale for the server and your local machine if you are using localised date types. 

Hope this helps