How to get index of object in its list (java)?

Hi guys   I simply want the index of an object in its list, so I would expect that the following code (lastIndexOf or indexOf) should work: // BEGIN USER CODE int i1= ObjectList.lastIndexOf(CurrentObject); but I always get -1 (not found in the list, for both methods). While the objectID is definitely in the objectList. So what do I wrong, did i miss something how to get it work in Java? EDIT 1: when looping through the given list and looking for the iterated object, it finds the probably it has to do with the parameter object? for (IMendixObject __ObjElement : __ObjList) { int i1= __ObjList.lastIndexOf(__ObjListElement); Core.getLogger("obj").warn("index: " + i1); } for (Obj ObjListElement : ObjList) { int i1= ObjList.lastIndexOf(ObjListElement); Core.getLogger("obj").warn("index: " + i1); }  
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Maybe you should do a .GetMendixObject() on the CurrentObject object.