Project ID vs App ID

Hello! I'm trying to accomplish verifying whether a given ID of a project is correct. There are 2 IDs available that I can find: 1. Project ID (available from the mendix java core: 2. App ID (available from the sprintr environment under settings → general for an app). The problem: 1. Project ID, is available from java, but i can't find it somewhere easily accessible for an end user 2. App ID, is not available as far as i can find, but is easily accessible for an end user My question: Can i either find the Project ID somewhere easily accessible or retrieve the App ID from within a java action? Thanks in advance!
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You could get the AppID from the Mendix Deploy API. If you have an API key which has only access to a single app, you have the AppID easily accessbile in your application: it’s a single REST call.


Hello Rom,

Since i would like to use the application offline as well, i created a module using a java action which can be used to retrieve the project id. If anyone would like the module, feel free to message me. (it is also really easy to build it yourself).

Thank you for taking your time to answer.

Vince van Noort