Excel Exporter Error

I’ve created an app from a spreadsheet that allows you to edit the data in the spreadsheet and correct items in it.  Now i want to be able to export the data after it has been corrected to an excel file, however i cant seem to get the exporter to work as i keep coming up with the error that says “An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.” when i try and create a spreadsheet with the exporter or run this microflow. I also tried before creating that microflow to do it the way the instructions for the excel exporter say where it says to also get the Mx Model reflection too.  
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Maybe this will work for you: Present the data you want to export on a page in a datagrid having a datasource other then Datasource and add a button “Export to Excel”.

If not, the first suspect is that the mechanism is not working at all. Do you get the error with another testobject as well. Try a new entity having one string-attirbute, one object and a simple value.

If that works, then have a look at the data that you are trying to export. Does it have breaking tokens like a double quote?




What is the log (or locally the console) saying when this error occurs?

Also, I don’t really understand what the association between file and Purchases is doing. You retrieve a List of purchases and you do something with your file, but your file can always only point to one purchase.

If you want to use excel exporter and create the list of objects you want to export in a microflow, you need a wrapper entity that is associated with this list (*-1 with the purchase as parent or *-*). In your template configuration you can now use this wrapper object as input object and your purchase as row object.

I hope that helps.