Dynamic Token Replacement

I’m trying to build a dynamic data conversion process where I take some pieces of data and transpose the new values on to an entity. The catch is that I’m trying to let the user decide which entity/attributes to move the value to. I’m assuming I need an action that can create based on a type parameter then I can use the token replacement stuff available in Mx Model reflection or Email Template modules. Am I missing something?
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You indeed could use the MxModelReflection module. The MxModelReflection uses tokens to refer to an attribute of an entity. So if you use a ‘Source’ and a ‘Destination’ token, you could transpose values between a source and a destination entity. The TokenReplacer java class in the MxModelReflection contains the logic you need for looking up values using a token. Glueing this together with a user interface where you can link attributes in a source entity into a destination entity, will give you what you need.