Customizing the SAP Authentication Module - Issues with receiving new fields in the assertion

Hey all, I’m running into an issue while customizing the standard XSUAA module from Mendix. Our IDP guys have edited the assertion coming through to include a new field to be included in user’s mendix accounts. I made a revision in the module in the XsuaaIdentity class to account for the new field, however when run I’m getting a null pointer exception and a log saying that the new field was empty/null. The real messed up part is when we intercept the traffic and catch the access token then decode it we see the new field there and populated with a value. So I’m wondering if I’m missing somewhere in the middle? IDP is sending the information, I’ve accounted for the information in the CreateAccount microflow and the XsuaaIdentity class, but is there somewhere in the middle I missed? It seems like the claims are just decoded and tied to the Access Token, no big deal. It doesn’t seem like a new field would ruin what is currently in place, so I’m not sure where I’m going wrong here. Thanks in advance for any help! My change to the code currently in place in the XsuaaIdentity class. (If you would like to see anything else or additional clarifying information, please let me know)
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