Managing my jar files for acceptance and production environments

So when I am updating a project, I need to delete a jar file that formerly exists, but is no longer needed. Locally that is not an issue, but once i am deploying to acceptance and production, this file is still there. When I make a new project and import the modules everything works fine. How can i fix this is my acceptance and production environments when I do not have access to the userlib folder?
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Without access to the Pro modeler this is not possible. You need to delete the jar file from the userlib and do a new commit of the project. Then the jar file will be gone.





I was looking for an answer on the same question. I found out that if you have to clear your deployment directory first, otherwise you can not commit the deletions in your userlib folder. 

So clear your deployment directory, and then you will also be able to see your changes when you commit.