Print a statement in eclipse console after I deployed my project from mendix to eclipse

Hi guys, In my mendix application I’m calling a java action to generate a camunda case id. After that I deployed the application in Eclipse and open it. I can see that in the java action class there is a executeAction() method where in a particular area I can write my own customize code. As I’m not an expert in java, I write a print statement using System.out.println() in that area.Now I need to run the java class and check the print statement on eclipse console. But I don’t get any option for such. I need your help to solve the problem.
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You could use the mendix log functionality to write something to the mendix log.

Core.getLogger() is returning a logger. With this, you can write to the console.

Core.getLogger(“LognodeName”).info(“This is your text”); is writing the text with the info loglevel to the lognode LognodeName.


But for using Core.getLogger() you have to call another method from executeAction() method. How will be that possible?

Can you show me one example where and how you define Core.getLogger() and how you call that in mendix?