How to add Java script in a micro flow for time delay for version - 7.23.4

I am using Base64DecodeToFile for generating PDF file , but some time it taking time for generating pdf file, So I am thinking to add time delay using JS. please help me.
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If its a feedback/UX/timout issue for users, you might look into the microflow settings part of your action button. Maybe  a progress bar and/or asynchronous call could be what you're after?



I don’t get why you would want to add additional delay to a long running build process, but there is a ‘Delay’ Java action that can be used in the Microflow. Adding JavaScript to a Microflow is not possible. If you really want to go hard, you can add the HTML snippet or JAvaScript Snippet from the AppStore to your page and write your JavaAction there.

Would be something like that


But again, I don’t know why you would want that in this case :)