RetrieveAdvancedSql input error

I’m trying to use the new functionality to retrieve data from the database.   For this I created a sql query to receive my needed data, looks like this: SELECT * FROM "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$matchdetails"  INNER JOIN "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$jsonobject_matchdetails" ON "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$matchdetails"."id" = "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$jsonobject_matchdetails"."myfirstmodule$matchdetailsid"  INNER JOIN "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$jsonobject" ON "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$jsonobject_matchdetails"."myfirstmodule$jsonobjectid" = "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$jsonobject"."id"  INNER JOIN "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$player_jsonobject" ON "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$jsonobject"."id" = "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$player_jsonobject"."myfirstmodule$jsonobjectid"  INNER JOIN "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$player" ON "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$player"."id" = "PUBLIC"."myfirstmodule$player_jsonobject"."myfirstmodule$playerid"  WHERE "summonername" LIKE 'test'   Query works fine in the database viewer. But by using the I receive following error: It does not matter how I replace the * in the query, every time same result.   Anybody some idea? Or is my syntax wrong?
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It seems the input needs to be a string, so the input needs to start with a single quote (') and end with one. Other single quotes in your string ('test') need to be escaped, which you can do with more single quotes (''test''').


Thanks for your help.