Exccluded Javaaction -> not excluded from compiler run

Hi – I have a ‘buggy’ java action source file which runs into a compiler error when I try to run the application. I “inherited” the java action via a branch merge. The commit action of my colleage had been accepted as it obviously checked for errors before commit butNOT including a java code compile run. So far so good – not ideal but acceptable. What worries me more is that I if I exclude the javaaction from the project (which is ok, it is used by a microflow that I can also afford to exclude), it will still run into a compiler error when I try to run the application as the excluded javaaction does not translate into the javasource file being excluded from the compiler run. Is this desired behavior or a bug? And what is the best workaround?
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In this case I think you’d either need to fix the bug, or delete the java file in the JavaSource directory itself.

If you don’t need the Java Action, deleting would be best.