Processing on Uploaded Files (Running on Cloud) & storing in Cloud

Hi, I am running my Mendix App on Cloud (by clicking on ‘Run’, instead of ‘Run locally’)  I have 3 entities (derived from System.FileDocument). From my app, I upload one file to each of these entities respectively. There is a Button ‘Process’, which calls a microflow, through which a Java Action is called having input parameters  as those 3 entities & return type as String. In the Java Action, I have to read the Data from those 3 files & perform some processing. For that processing, I need the ‘File” objects of those uploaded files. Also, once the processing is done, I have to return the Contents as a String as well as write the processed Data in a file. (I am assuming since it is running on cloud, I have to write the file to the location: ‘Core.getConfiguration.getTempPath()’ ).   My questions are: How can I get ‘File’ object in Java Action for the entities derived from System.FileDocument? How should I write the file in cloud? [ I tried: File f = new File(Core.getConfiguration().getTempPath()+"/tempxsl.xsl"); & wrote contents to it by Outputstream ], however it is not working Is there a way to debug the Java Actions when I am running a free app on Cloud?      
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You will not get a File but you can work with an InputStream. You can get it by using the Core.getFileDocumentContent() method.