Refreshing Page Issue

Hi – I have a button to refresh a page that has several data grids. This page also contains a chart. The chart refreshes; however, the data grids do not. Any idea what is missing? I’ve tried the java action refreshClass (where I specify the module.entity), closing page and showing it again, and creating/deleting an object to invoke a page refresh in client. Nothing seems to refresh the data grid unless I totally go out of the page and back into it via the menu? Chart refreshes fine.
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The refreshClass java is executed immediately before any data changes made by the microflow reached the database since the MBS (Mendix Business Server) only starts committing objects when the entire flow is at the end-activity (the red dot). Try running all activities in a sub-microflow, and then end the main microflow with the call to refreshClass. If that does not help, try to add the EndTransaction activity before the refreshClass.