How does AutoLogin work

Hi all,  I am working on a microflow that automatically signs in a user from a deeplink in an email. Now the anonymous user clicks on the link, comes to a page to change their password and then they have to sign in again. I want them to sign in automatically. When they click on the link, they should be logged in and then change their password.  I downloaded the module AutoLogin from the appstore ( but I don't know completely how to use it in my project.  I added in the AfterStartup microflow the Java action from the module ASU_LoginRedirectStartRequestHandler. I don't know if I have to add something in this Java action In the microflow that is been called from the deeplink in the email I added the microflow SUB_AutoLoginAccount   I don't know what I’m missing. Maybe a request handler but I don't know how that looks like or maybe I have to use this Java Action somewhere but I don't know where.   Can someone help me?  Thanks! Kolien
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There is an AutoLogin module meant to deal with this.

I’m not sure if it has been updated. I have a leader on my team that built a solution to this a few years ago so if you don’t find an answer, DM me and we can help you with our solution.


The links from Nolan are no longer correct. There is a medium post about this:

That still works in Mx9.