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Invite third party mendix developers to company app store


It would be great to have the option to invite people from another company to a company app store.

For example:

I work for company A in a project of company B. In this project we have a lot of different Mendix applications and want to share modules. We are using the company app store to share the code. I am not able to download/upload content, as I am working for company A. I could create a second account to do that, but I am pretty sure that having multiple accounts is not the way it should be done. It would also falsify the gamification idea, because the collected points would be split between different accounts (I know you can merge them afterwards, but if you need points to get a certification, it does not help to merge accounts somewhere in the future).

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DOwnloading content from a company appstore is possible. You can add external downloaders from outside your company and specify which company appstore items they can download. 


- But it's not possible to specify per app which external downloader can download the content.

- You cannot upload content. 


Also like the idea from Tim. Add user groups to your company appstore so that you can specify which company users can see the company appstore item. 


@Tim that is a nice addition. If not possible for the first version perhaps a followup on Andreas' idea.


Maybe you don't want the full company appstore shared.

An option per uploaded appstore item to share it with all team members from projects from the company.