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Improved AppStore version controll


I’d like to be able to release version 1.x.x of an appstore module, even if version 2.0.0 has already been released.


I have a module where I am maintaining different versions for different Mendix versions. I have a Mendix 6.x and a Mendix 7.x version and I’d like to support both of them. I want the 6.x version always be a 1.x.x and the mendix 7 version always be a 2.x.x. At the moment, this is just not possible because a new version always needs to have a number that is higher than the highest version you have released so far. If your latest Version was 2.x.y, you new version needs to be at least 2.x.y+1

The only two options you have is:

If you look at existing AppStore modules, you can see, that Mendix also thinks that this feature request is usefull, because they are doing it already with their own modules (CommunityComons for example). I asked the support and they told me that this is something that the Mendix developers are doing directly on the backend for modules with platform support. Having this available on the regular frontend would help the community as well as the mendix in house developers.

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Hi Andreas (& others who participated in this idea),

I totally agree that it is a great idea and can confirm that the App Store team is working on creating this feature for you and the community. We expect to be able to ship it this month.



I got the information from support that this is planned for end of September (If all is going well).



Even if it is not set to planned, support told me that it is in the backlog and that they “urge the Product Manager to give higher priority to implementing” this.

Sounds like we only need to wait for it.


I completely agree with you!!


An improvement that will be making my life easier.


Support told me that this is already in the backlog.
But maybe it helps to have a lot of upvotes.


This is a great idea! I don’t see why Mendix should not be able to offer this feature to the community AppStore.