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Subscribe to a Companys private app store



I would like to have the possibility to be part of multiple companies. 

As a mendix developer doing projects at multiple clients, I sometimes need to use private app stores from different companies. Now, their IT-desk needs to create an email-addresses with matching domain, so that I can be part of their mendix-company and use or create content in their private app store.

The solution to this could be that somebody in the Clients Company can grant me Access for a limited time (startdate – enddate) so they can manage the developers in their company without risks. 



- No need for the creation of email-addresses, thus no unnessecary delay (efficiency)

- As a developer I don't have to switch accounts (efficiency) 

- Widgets and appstore content created for the company counts as XP on the correct account.


Is that possible? Or is it already possible and did I miss it?



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Looks good. Could not find much documentation on it earlier thanks! Is it “download” only? Or can the developer also create and update content in the Private App store? That is a need for me.




Hi Jitze, 

As far as I know this is possible, since a couple of months. You can invite ‘external downloaders’ to your company's appstore: