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Make custom AppStore versioning available on the first version


The new custom AppStore versioning is great, but it is only working on updates. It would be nice if you could already choose a custom version on your first release. At the moment your first version must be 1.0.0 and you can only use custom versioning on update releases.

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@Franklin, that is one of the usecases. The other usecase is something that you at Mendix are doing as well. I’d like to have a major version number that is the same as the mendix major version number it is built for so that you can see at first sight which version of the module should be used in which mendix modeler version.

You are using this kind of versioning for modules like the “Community Commons Function Library” (nowadays, if you look at the version history you can see that it was not always like this).

I think this can be very helpful and in the end versioning should be a decission of the developer and not of the file hoster.


Glad you enjoy the new custom versioning! With regards to custom versioning; what is the use case? One I can think of is that if you are developing an app and managing it in your private app store, you might want to eventually make it publicly available. I can imagine you would like to continue the versioning from where you left off.

Is this also the use case you envision? Or do you have any other scenario's where this would come in handy?