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Make it mandatory for Appstore apps to use good practice


Keeping quality up to par is good practice. Unfortunately, Appstore Apps often don't adhere to those rules. Therefore this idea.

Make it mandatory for Appstore Apps to:

I would love to see more quality checks on the AppstoreApps like sticking to naming_conventions, but these three requirements seem to be a good start.

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I'm all for good quality code, but the examples given all don't contribute to quality of code..

- No warnings: Whenever you import a module it will need to be checked for compatibility anyway and translations. I could produce 1000's of terrible microflows with 0 warnings.

- Unused items are fine, if they are supposed to be used by your app.

- Excluded items are fine, you can always include them if you need them. For example I've excluded layouts and snippets or example microflows.

- Sanatization of input fields depends on the client's database, you can add all kinds of input fields and validations but once your client's database has added a "Please don't call me” in the phone number field you can clear it with a nice phonenumber regex and you're going to try and call them.

- Naming conventions is up to user's and company preference, like I've still not adopted the ACT_  because i hate the abbreviation ACT because it's an actual English word, to act, and in my list of DS, BSu, BSd, SUB_ OCh_ it doesn't fit. Nor does it auto complete properly in my brain. Action_Quote_Create, Action_Quote_Download is just meh… am I allowed to use these in microflow actions? No, you shouldn't. So yeah I stick to IVK_


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