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Downloading an App: also download dependencies


When downloading an app, sometimes you need to download some other apps as well on which the first is dependent. 

Why not also download the dependencies as well? Of course ater a nice message about it.

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We could also have a CLI to install Widgets/Components/Modules, similar to what we have in npm. In addition, the update/upgrade of the current Widgets/Components/Modules, via CLI, would be nice.


Sass modules have this same issue


Yes, I files an idea to do this… so to check all app store content, taking in account if it is released for the version of Studio Pro


This would be nice for modules and widgets as well. The AppStore could work just as a package repository that is taking care of all the dependencies. It would also nice to have an indicator in Mendix Studio Pro that is telling you that modules you are using have updates in the app store. There is already something like this for widgets. It would be great to have it for modules as well.