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Starter Apps - please enhance the functionality


As a developer I have created a starter application and I would like to test it as draft before we offer it to the real users. 

But there is no easy way to see is “as a user” to create a test application based on this recently added content (for our company only).

Sure I can download the package and start Mendix Studio Pro,  but actually I would like to see it exactly as the rest of the users. 

So this would be my first wish.


Further more:

If you click on /apps and then on the button “Create app”  it gives you a list of starter apps to select but the documentation is missing.

The users can see only the very easy text based description. But there is not too much to show or to put , no pictures allowed, no links allowed. 

Therefore I would definitely recommend to put there also a button that would reveal the documentation that usually comes with an application template. 

Some like on this picture:

You can do it also differently but there is already some docs available in richtext format, just in this dialog its not shown. This is really pity. 

And final suggestion – please make sure that the upload dialog or the script on the server side would dismiss anything that is not in proper *.mpk format.  This would also simplify the whole template deployment process. 

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