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Mark LTS/MTS and Beta Version of Mendix as such in the Mendix Marketplace


Hi Mendix DevTeam, 

currently I think it is very hard to find the current LTS/MTS version in the marketplace, which are ready for production. 
A citizen developer would download the presented version (which is currently 9.0.2), after clicking on Get Studio Pro, only to see afterwards that this version is neither a LTS version nor is it recommended to use, as it is a Beta version, with no SLA etc. applied.  So one would have to first go to “older releases” and then find the correct version to use.

I would like to see some clearer taggig/marking of the different versions, so that I can directly identify which version should be used for production, which version can be used for test projects / PoCs and which version should not be used at all for “real” projects (such as Beta versions). 

Here an image of the current download page for Mendix Studio Pro, as you can see the the disclaimer can only be found in the release notes and it is possible that this would be ignored or read over:

Now same screen with “Older Releases”-Tab open. First, the warning that 9.0.2 is a beta version is gone. Second, I can not see in this list, which version should be used for production etc. 

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Totally agree.

Mendix could use the same approach used by NodeJS, Ubuntu and many others:

  • The recommended release: LTS – recommended for production
  • The last/current release (Beta)
  • Older releases



Fully agree with Alex