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Stop using constants in marketplace modules for module versions and alike


Even though the name suggests something different, but a “Constant” in Mendix is configurable per environment. It is not usefull at all to store module versions in such items.

This practice only clutters the environment variable configuration.


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A good way to straightforward administer the version-number, is to create a snippet named version_1_Mx1_2_3. In that snippet you add, per version, the Releasenotes.


@Stephan, apart from the initial version you can freely change the version numbers of later uploaded content.


@Jason agree, would be best if the version numbers are part of the module properties in Mendix or something like that. But we need a way to allow multiple versions (not just one-latest-and-greatest)


If you currently upload content in the marketplace it:

- starts with version 1.0.0 (can't overwrite that)

- automatically makes the next version 2.0.0 (can be changed)

- impossible to have an 1.8.1 when there is also an 2.0.0


These auto-generated version numbers are a pain when you have multiple version of the same module (e.g. one for Mx7 and one for Mx8/9 or with different contexts (one for multi-tenancy one for regular apps)


would be nice it MX auto generated:
Link to the marketplace module
Version number
Last release

maybe some other elements. 


I agree with the premise that it clutters the environment configuration, but it is also the most used way to indicate versions (where everyone knows to look, so we need a better alternative)

[Idea] Maybe Mendix could have a property for that in the Module properties and show it in the App explorer behind the Module name