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Add additional developers to Marketplace content


Title says it all. I had and saw this same question in the forums ( and thought it makes sense to share the glory. I’ve seen multiple developers on marketplace content, but I didn’t see the ability when creating a new draft. If this is already implemented please let me know how I can do it!



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Quite like this idea so bumping it, really wish there was a way to manage the developers list.


For credibility and adding people as contacts for the module it makes sense.


Are we able to add more developers in the published content directly?

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Same here. The motivation would be:

  • Be able to give credit to all developers;
  • Be able to submit new releases;
  • Be able to edit the draft;
  • Be able to address users’ feedback/reviews

Thank you for the reply, Melvin. Honestly, the biggest reason to have that toggleable or be able to edit that list is credit. We had a situation where a dev felt slighted because they weren’t included/given credit in the module listing, and I wasn’t aware that devs are included when they upload a new draft, so that fixes our issue. It would be nice though, if because of security or some other reason only one person was supposed to manage drafts for a given module, there was a way to just tag people or add people as developers.


Hi Austin, thanks for submitting this idea! 
It currently works as follows: If you upload the first version of a marketplace component, you will be shown as the developer. If someone else uploads version 2, that user will also be shown as developer.
We are rethinking this functionality and would like to understand the motivation behind your idea: Why would you want to add developers to the listing? How important is it for you to see who has developed the component? And why? How would you expect it to work?