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Improvement Excel Importer


I’ve tried to use the Excel Importer recently. For clean data it works really good and fast. But I reached the edge of the possibility very quickly. My problem was as follow: There were decimal numbers formated without comma in excel. When read out this data into a string entity field, I only get the rounded value. If I changed the entity field to an decimal field, it was working correctly. 
But now when there is not a correct decimal value in the cell an error wil throwned and the import failed. There is the possibility to use a parser microflow, but its useless because in case of an error this MF is not called. 

My suggestion is now, either call this MF in case of an error as well to handle special cases (nobody can be sure that the user imports all the time clean and verified data) or create another possibility to put a MF into the process before the error is called, like "Handle raw data with". 

In my opinion it's a bug of the excel importer. But from Mendix side it seems to be a feature. Please help to improve the Excel Importer!

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