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Appstore API


In order to check the latest version of a module used in a project I would like to have an AppStore API to retrieve the last version of a module for a specific version of Mendix.

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It would be very nice if Mendix decided to add this functionality, along with other MarketPlace related API's.


I guess I’m working on something similar. Deploy has several API’s which we can use on the application layer; however, if you want to check if there are newer versions for modules you use, you cannot make a call to a Store API.

I would like to see similar API calls:

  1. Retrieve all module id’s + module names (probably a heavy call); so information is limited (if it’s doable, entire content could be exposed), i.e. GET
  2. Retrieve module information (version, release date, url, etc) by supplying a module id, i.e. GET<ModuleId>/
  3. Maybe a download option to automatically import the selected package, i.e. GET<ModuleId>/<PackageId>/ ?
  4. Or an option to call the api to publish new content?