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Bring Support Category Information back to Marketplace


Mendix categorizes its marketplace content by support category (see documentation). 


This used to be prominently displayed in the Marketplace UI, so we decided to base our company rules on it. However, now that this information is simply gone (after your recommendation feature was introduced), could you please bring back the content support categories in the Marketplace UI?



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Hi Micha, I appreciate your support. But it's not about a filter option. It's about showing it on the page that Mendix calls App_Details_v3 (basically MarketplaceContent_NewEdit). We spent a lot of time educating our community to look for these support categories on this page, and then suddenly it's gone. I am aware of this workaround, but I cannot understand why this important information is being removed. 


The Support section now contains

Ask in Community, Contact Mendix Support, Contact Siemens Support or Contact partner support.

You can still filter when you are in the marketplace online


Via StudioPro, the support references are visible as well and you can also see a logo/name at the top eg


or Mendix or Siemens or when it says nothing, it is community supported.

I do agree it would be nice to add the filter option in StudioPro.