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Add subtitles to community update videos


Not really a Mendix improvement idea but I think this is still the best location to add any idea for Mendix.

While watching the community update video's I noticed that it sometimes is hard to follow the speech from some of the people in the video.
I fully support that Mendix lets the people involved/responsible tell the community about the latest and greatest in the release. And I also understand that not everyone is a native speaker and/or a great speaker in front of a camera. So my suggestion is to add English subtitles to make sure the full message you guys are trying to present is understandable.

I like the video's as a nice change of pace compared to the long release notes, so keep it up, this is just a minor suggestion to improve the quality a bit.

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Hi Mitchel,

We like the idea so much, we actually already did this for all the udpate videos!

Is there a video in particular that doesn't have closed captions?


In addition, if you want to see the changes but don't want to read release notes yet  and also can't listen to sound at that moment you could read along :)