Why is the platform supported widget Label selector not role/security aware

Why does the widget not behave like other Mendix widgets and act on the security settings to make the widget read-only or editable, based on the role security settings in the entity/attribute. I believe in other Mendix widgets this is called Editability Default: Default (default) The value is editable if security allows it (as in, if the user that is signed in has write access to the selected attribute). This would really help us in our project. We now are implementing workarounds by putting the widget twice on a page in different containers (1 read-only), where the visibility of the containers are role based. We use the widget quite a lot. Is there any chance that this will be fixed in the near future?  
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There are new widgets based on React which have all these new features. But only a small portion of the widgets have been rewritten. It will take some (a long) time to do this. I would file an issue on Github here: https://github.com/mendix/LabelSelector

Maybe something can be done already in the JQuery version.