How is the OData Query Builder used?

Hi Experts,  I have installed the OData Query Builder. So what I don't quite understand now is how I finally request the API with the addon. It seems to me, so I could just use the addon to create queries easier? Unfortunately the documentation is very short. Can anyone help me with this? Well okay, in microflow you always build a start and a build string at the end. But if I want to send the build string to the normal OData Connector (OData Connector for SAP Solutions) now, it doesn't fit, because in my opinion the two are not matched. Can somebody tell me roughly where my thinking error lies?   best regards  Daniel   
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Basically you simply put the generated query into the GetList actions query parameter.

The Query Builder module is really only for building this query string, as this can be tedious if you have complex queries and always bears the risk of missing to escape parameters correctly.

regards, Fabian