Excel Importer is not capturing Row number correctly

Hi, I am using Excel Importer for uploading an excel in my application. In excel importer template settings, i have connected a column detail with Datasource “Document properly – row number” and connect it to an attribute to capture the row number from the excel. When i am trying to upload the file, the row number is coming wrong and is coming as actual row number + 2 always. E.g. if row number is 1 for a record, the row number is stored in mendix as 3. Most probably, it will be a problem in excel because when i am using an older excel sheet, i am getting the correct row number while uploading but i couldn’t find any problem in excel. Does anyone faced the similar problem anytime? Thanks for the help!
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I have never seen this. Might their be hidden rows in the Excel? And in your logs you always get info about how many rows where imported. Is that row count the same as the number of rows with data?