Load specific format String value into entity using Excelimporter

Team, I have a use-case to load the below type of String contents into one of the attribute of an Entity. I am trying to import the data thru ExcelImporter plugin where it loosing format of the content and loading as normal string(i..e spaces/next lines excluded). is there a way to deal this with parse Microflow logic while importing the data ? Appreciate your inputs..!    Thanks..!
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You always can use a microflow to parse this string and cut it up. I would start searching for the : in the string and from there find the first space before the : You can then compare that string to a standard list Firstname, Middle name etc. to see which field this string part needs to go. Then retrieve the next : and field so you can retrieve with substrings the part between the first field and the second field because that is the value you need to store in field 1. If no : can be found anymore then the last part of the string can be stored in the last field.

It might sound a bit complicated but with microflows you can do a lot of complicated string manipulations.