Building hybrid Phonegap iOS build not working

Im trying to get a build working for iOS, hybrid build. No success thus far. The problem I’m facing at the moment (already managed to work away a few others, which didn’t let me build) is a login screen that just doesn’t accept any login. This login screen was added by the build, not by me. Need to log in with my my apple id, but as said, not working.The debugger gives a few errors, ranging from not doing resizing of views, to losing connection. (Could not signal service 113) Is using the “Do it yourself” something that should work normally? Is getting a few errors normal? Should I try something else, if so, what is better? (Native is not an option, as we are going to implement SSO). Its getting rather frustrating, as any error I fix, just gets replaced with a new one.
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Hi Rien, the do it yourself option is not a one-click to deploy, but it should work normally. When downloaded the package you should run the following commands without errors on a macbook. If you try again, then remove build folder.

npm install

npm run package --

npm run platform:ios. 

When create the build manually you need to specify the proper target environment i.e. npm run package -- for test. You can also check the log on test environment if authentication failed. 

Edit: you need to enter credentials for target environment