Frequently getting error on cloud while using Excel Import modeler for importing data and Export to Excel Button

Hi, I am  developing an app which uses Excel Import Modeler in my app and Export to Excel Button . Locally it run perfect. But on Sandbox-Cloud sometimes it doesn’t work for few hours or days and start automatically. I am getting following error while using Excelimporter while importing data:- The following error occurred when importing document: 4GD-AW_Benchmark_AW5.1.0828.xlsx - File not found in Amazon S3 for key '164dd8ef-0ea6-478b-abd3-735ddebcb7f3'. Status code: 403.   Error while using Export to Excel Button:- “An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.”     I raised Ticket many Times and issue gets resolved automatically before processing Tickets. Can anyone please suggest me that why I am facing frequently facing this issue and How to Resolve it.
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Hi Sushil,

I’ve experienced this error as well a number of times. Support fixed it for me a couple of times but the last time I was able to fix it by redeploying the app.

Support sent me this “Usually, when customers are seeing the AWS Access Key error the issue can be resolved by stopping and starting the application followed by a redeployment of the project.” As my app is in a sandbox, I’m not able to stop and start it, but the redeployment seemed to do the same.

Hope this helps!