Import all records and mark incorrect record data - Flat file Import

Hello All, I am using Flat File Importer from App store to import my csv file. I have a date field to be imported to my entity. As I can see if the date format is wrong, its not going to import whole record. I wanted to import this and mark this as wrong date format in another column . Any one has idea how to achieve this.   Please note: I am using a temporary entity to fill data in the file. And then I am retrieving this list and putting into the actual Entity along with File association nd later I am deleting the temporary entity's data. I can make this temporary entities column as string and while inserting into actual entity I can mark it as invalid record. but in this case converting string into date format and delete temp entity is taking lot of time. I tried to use this delete temporary entity data in executeBackgroundMicroflow(community commons module) java action and used deleteall Java action from this module to speed up. But still its taking lots of time as I upload big file with more than 10,000 records and if user uploads another file before background microflow finishes, its giving a wrong results. any one know how to solve this?   Many thanks in advance. Nirmal
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I am not sure what you are expecting. Processing large sets of data takes time.

Importing datetime into a string field and then processing it in a separate microflow sounds like a solid approach.

Some tips, i hope they are useful in your case:

I hope this helps.