How to reference attributes of Input Object in Excel Exporter module

I need to build an Excel exporter which accepts an input object and reports information stored in the input object. I selected the entity as my input object. But then I have to select row object. I cannot select the same object as row object since there is not reference. As a result, I chose whatever valid object for the row. The problem is that I cannot find a way to reference attributes of the input object even though in the OQL statement my input object is available via refobject alias. Any suggestions how to solve this? I can probably do a self reference on the entity representing the input object and truely reference itself solely for the purpose of being able to select it as the row object, but that it an ugly workaround. I also do not have child entities which I could use to reference back the input object… For all practical reason you can think of the input object as an entity without references.
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