Excel Exporter - What should happen when you click on the Create report button, in the Excel_Document_Overview page?

Hi, I have been using the Excel Exporter module (XLSReport) for a while and everything is working fine, I am able to create my templates and exporting them when needed. But whenever I go to the configuration page (Excel_Document_Overview) I see the "Create report" button. And when I click on it I just get an error “An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.”. So my question is: what should happen when I click on that button? I Checked the microflow that runs when you click on that button and it seems like a normal export microflow, that is trying to export the data of the “MxTemplate” entity, but it seems incomplete. Are we supposed to adjust that microflow?
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In my opinion, that button is not very useful.  It tries to create and download an Excel File using the template you select.  However, it does not pass an object to the template.  Most (all?) Excel Export templates I am aware of require an object so that the spreadsheet can be populated with information from your Mendix app.  So its really more of an example of how to use Excel Exporter in a microflow.

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