Is it possible to get a Module version from your runtime code.

I want to build functionality to check if the modules in my apps are up to date. I’m talking about runtime functionality, not “look in the modeler” functionality. For this I need a few things, but for me it is not that straightforward to find it in the SDK: A way to retrieve the version of modules in my app. (So a list of modules (documents) and their version). Similar to the way we can get the Mendix runtime version: com.mendix.core.conf.RuntimeVersion.getImplementationVersion() A way to retrieve the latest version of the that module in the app store, or Github. Who has experience with that? I assume we need to have UID’s for those app store modules and a service to call Can someone help me with all or either one of the questions? Thanks
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1: In the ModelSDK the lookup function can be found here:


const model = workingCopy.model();
	.filter(module => module.fromAppStore === true)
	.forEach(module =>
			appStoreVersion: module.appStoreVersion,
			appStoreGuid: module.appStoreGuid,
			appStoreVersionGuid: module.appStoreVersionGuid


2: Use with your Mendix-Username and Mendix-APIKey as headers to get everything from the app store. Undocumented and not very performent, but use it while it lasts..


Unfortunately, that is not possible yet. The Version is only stored in the module if a user does that. But there is no unique way of doing this.

But I agree that it would be very nice to have such a functionality. Sounds like something for the Idea forum (if not already existing)


Many of the modules have their version number in a constant. you could create a page that just shows these constants (expose them to client).


Dear Customers,


We have published a public supported Mendix Content API that allows you to retrieve the Marketplace content information and its versions for both public and company-specific private content. This means that if you are using marketplace content, this API can help you getting the following information:

  • Latest version of the content used. You can keep track of outdated content on your side and check for newly added versions including release notes
  • Latest version which is compatible to your Mendix Studio Pro version.
  • Information on the content, such as content type, category, license and other product’s metadata

For more information and how to reach this API please visit the Mendix documentation.