Grid Cell Styler - Cannot read property className of null

Hello! I am getting a “Cannot read property 'className' of null” error when trying to use the Grid Cell Styler widget from the app store. I have attached a screenshot of the format of my rules (all of them are like this, just referencing different columns). I want to check that a string representation of utilization % for a given week is 120% or more, if it is then the cell is red (e.g. X employee is 120% utilized in the first week , that particular cell should have a red background). This rule should check that the length of the utilization is 4 (3 digits + a ‘%’), and that the first two characters of the utilization are not ‘10’ or ‘11’ (e.g. not 100-119% utilized).  I will say I have never used JavaScript, so I may be just using incorrect syn What’s causing my error? I am using Mendix 8.10.1.
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In the attribute “Class to apply” you are adding style properties instead of a class. What you should do instead is add a class to your stylesheet, for instance like this:

  background-color: rgb(219,35,74);
  color: whitesmoke

and then add class ‘high-utilization’ to the attribute “Class to apply”