Use OQL GroupBY for datagrid

Hi all, I’ve been working on OQL and stuck on showing groupby data on DataGrid.  DataGrid table is impersistent, and it is for displaying table.  I made this OQL below to show the sum value group by “Team” and “Supplier”. 'SELECT SUM(ttable/Price) AS price FROM MyFirstModule.transaction ttable LEFT JOIN MyFirstModule.transaction_Team/MyFirstModule.Team team LEFT JOIN MyFirstModule.transaction_Supplier/MyFirstModule.Supplier supplier GROUP BY team/team_code, supplier/supplier_code' I have set the return entity as the impersistent entity to display the table, but It did not goes well. The error message might help is “InternalOqlTextGetRequest (depth = -1):” Anybody has any information on how I can solve the problem? How would I able to see the results of OQL?   Thank you very much in advance, Regards, Yuki
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So your OQL is giving the correct results, it looks fine. Your problem is just with displaying the data. No direct answer but maybe helpful: You can get some more info on the error by Project->Deploy for eclipse, then open your project in Eclipse and look for the OQL module and debug that part.