AutoComplete Widget on Mx Studio Pro 8.15.1- Why is the selected value not showing up in the parent context obect?

I am on MX studio pro 8.15.1 using Auto Complete widget for the first time. I am wondering what it takes to ensure that the value I selected from the combo box shows up on the parent object. I would expect the Search String attribute to have the value selected in the dropdown and not the value i typed. Any pointers on what may be missing?  
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The resultlist above has Name – Email, the Selected value in the widget has email – name: 


Here is the magic – the selection (your MF does something similar)


Then the mapping of the selectable/seleceted objects attributes + some extra text to maybe better understand. So it comes with fixed-text “ Selected”  then the replacement with the mail address and the replacement with the name...


Here’s an example where I am searching on part of the email address and present the result-list differently then the selected item.  Hope this helps.

If you do not see your selection it either means you’re selected template is not fully correct or maybe there might be a problem with the access rights. That latter you can check by adding a normal reference selector and see if it works.