Cant install Mendix on Mac

Hey Team,   I was trying out Mendix Studio Pro and tried to install the latest version 8.16.0 as well as 8.10.x versions but nothing seems to work on my macbook. I get an error saying “The contents of Mendix …...exe” cannot be opened with the Unarchiver”.  Does this not work on a Mac? Not able to proceed any further on this
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Studio Pro only works on Windows. However, I run it on my Mac using Parallels. If you use the Coherence mode in Parallels it behaves almost as if it’s a native Mac app.

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Mendix Studio Pro only run on Windows. If you would like to run Mendix on a Mac, you will need something like Parallels.


I am working with my Macbook based on Parallels Desktop (including Windows 10) for one week now. 

With the usage of the Mac “coherence mode” for the parallel windows, you can get a seamless user experience while working with the Studio Pro on a Mac.



First thing to do, is to tell your parallel windows to use the Mac as the standard browser:


If you know the IP address of your Parallel Desktop…


…You can use that IP address within the settings of your studio pro:


And whenever you do a run locally from your Studio Pro, it takes you to your default browser on your Mac - which is in my case my Safari – to show your results:


hope this helps :-)

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