Excel importer: Read scientific notation of cell with full precision

Hi all, I am reading Excel files which have cell values formated in scientific notation (e.g. 2.82E-03). When clicking on the cell the true value is visible (e.g. 0.002823563). When using the Excel Importer to import these files the precision of the scientific notation is imported instead of its true precision. So for example 2.82E-03 is imported as 0.00282, instead of 0.002823563. Now an easy fix would be to manually pre-process all of these scientific notiations to decimal values in Excel with its full precision. However, this is not possible for our client since everything needs to be automatic. Is there any way to import its true precision without altering the Excel values beforehand?  Thanks in advance!
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When importing the number from an excel file as mentioned above the result in the entity is 0.0028235600 when setting the decimal precision high enough to display the numbers behind the decimal separator. This is not correct as  the number should read 0.002823563 This is caused by the way the data is read and converted. Setting the logging to trace level shows, that the number in cell A2 is read as:

Reading A2 / '2.8235629999999999E-3' / NUMBER

Then in coverting this to the decimal some of the precision is lost leading to loosing the last digit. This is caused within the java code of this module and I suggest filing a ticket for this issue as it is a platform supported module, or fix it and still file a ticket with the fix included….