Questions for Open Authentication Module

I am use this AppStore Module to try Oauth2, I followed the installation guide and configured my app, when I tried to login with google id, I got 500 error,  call back URL failed to process google call back request. I configured the URL using but I was confused, do I need create a microflow with deep link for this URL?   or anything I missed.  by the way, I can’t understand following statement “Don't forget to set your requesthandlers in the cloud ('signin/','callback/' and 'logout/')” how can I create requesthandlers in could?  are they microflow with deep link?  Is there any runnable demo APP? 
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No deeplinks are needed the url is set for the requesthandler in you google configuration.

In the past request handlers were not available in the sandbox environments (see for example ) this might have changed in the mean time. In a licensed environment the requesthandlers can be setup see