Listview Paging using Xpath.

Hi Team, I am making use of Listview Paging widget from appstore in my app. It is working fine when there is retrieval of data from database using range and without xpath condition. But I need to use xpath in my scenario. It was mentioned in the documentation like “Note: Extending retrieving data with filtering by XPath would require providing query to both retrieve with count and data retrieve.”. I was stuck at this point. Please help me understand what this really mean. Or how the xpath condition should be for this.   Thanks in Advance! Regards Sushuma
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Hi, in your data source microflow there should be two retrieves:

  1. Retrieve action followed by Count aggregation action,
  2. Retrieve action constrained by limit and offset.


The first gets an overall number of records to know how many pages to display while the second gets a subset of data from your entity (a page). 

If you want to constraint your listview data source by XPath you would need not only to retrieve data by that XPath but also know how many records meet the XPath to calculate correctly the number of pages to process – in other worlds placing the same XPath in both retrieve actions. 

In widget’s Github repo, there is a test project (unfortunately without XPath constraints), if you would like to compare implementation.


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