Month and year widget is incompatible with IE browser

Hi Experts,    I am facing the following scenario. 1.On using Month and year picker widget, after running the app, in UI (Using Internet Explorer)i’m getting error message like ‘No constructor is found for the Widget’.   2.On using Google chrome as default browser, the app runs smoothly with the mentioned widget 3.Checked these scenarios with diff machines too and concluded that,  using IE browser only, the widget is not compatible. So, in this scenario,is it mandatory to have google chrome for this widget to run or  if so, as all end users might not have google chrome installed,is there any other widgets or simple custom feature to select the month and year
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Are you using the default widget? Or a widget from the appstore?

According to the docs, Mendix doesn't support Internet Explorer anymore.

  • Google Chrome (latest stable desktop and Android versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest stable desktop version)
  • Apple Safari (latest stable desktop version and latest version for each supported iOS version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest stable desktop version)

It seems to be this widget There is a demo at Does the problem occur there as well when using IE?

This widget uses 3rd party code. See for their issue list. There is a huge amount of open issues, does not feel very comfortable to use this widget.