How secured to use Modules from Mendix app store

Hello all, We are using Flat file import and export modules from App store. Its perfectly fine and made life easier. Modules displays as its Community Support , not platform support. Now we want to know how its secured to put it in production. Anyone came across such thoughts? Any proofs that we can say these modules are secure enough for prod? Many thanks in advance!   Regards, Nirmal
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With every module you have to think about this. A couple of thoughts to help you out on how to check if a module or widget is safe to use:

  • How many download did it get?
  • How often is it updated?
  • What user reviews did it get?
  • Is there a github project where I can raise issues?
  • Is the creator still around on the forum?
  • Could I solve problems myself?


In this case I would not hesitate to put it in a production environment. It has been in my projects almost from the beginning.