listview control dropdown only works once

Hi, I have an overview page where I use a drop down filter with a listview. The drop down filter has a “Selected by default” filter set through XPATH. When navigating to the page after a browser refresh (F5) or rebuild locally the filter works as expected. Going away from the page and then comming back the list is not filtered. If I inspect the network traffic in firefox I can see that a /xas/ request with the XPATH filter is sent and that the response looks like I expect. But still the list in list view is not showing the expected result.  What can I be doing wrong? Kind regards Johan   <Edit> Selecting any of the filter options in the dropdown filter once the page is loaded works as expected. </Edit>
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I found the issue and will answer myself. It was a weird or silly difference depending on how you view it.

I had the list view data source set to XPath but I had selected the entity directly instead by an association from the entity in which the list view was placed in.

So, to conclude:

  • XPath directly choosen will let you filter all you want when the page is loaded.
  • XPath through association with parent will let you have filters when entering the page