Mendix Maps Widget shows deprecation warning when executing Marker on Click action

Hi all,   we are using the Mendix Map widget (OpenStreetView) –  - to show a map with different Asset Markers. The widget executes a microflow when a marker is clickedThis works fine. But in the console deprecation warnings appears, indicating that  the  function mx.ui.action is deprecated. DEPRECATED: mx.ui.action. Use directly instead. -- will be removed in version: 10.0 I assume that this function call is used within the mendix-client package used within the Maps widget. Does anyone know, if there will be an update of the Maps widget and of the mendix client lib as well?  
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Hi Jana,

The version you are using still uses the Dojo based Client API. I know Mendix is working on a pluggable version of this widget, see:

So, I guess in the near future the Maps widget will be replaced with this one.

Until that time, forget about those deprecated warnings, or update the widget yourself. This update to remove those warnings is very easy. In the Client API documentation it is described how to rewrite from mx.ui.action to



Hi Ivo,


thanks for the prompt answer.

I already updated the Maps widget with the and just found that the deprecation warning is related to the MindSphere TimeSeries Widget (which is used after clicking on a marker in the map). This widget uses the deprecated method at the moment.